Mucho gusto vs encantada

Mucho gusto is used more often under this circumstances. informal. What difference, if any, is there between Creer, and Pensar? 5 Comments. It's just like: Nice to see you: "Encantado de verte"1. The base word is "encantar" meaning "to enjoy. Miło cię poznać = Zaczarowane / Zaczarowane oba są takie same, ponieważ jest …Jan 18, 2008 · That depends, mucho gusto and encantado are mostly used when you are introduced for someone for the first time. Translate Mucho gusto o encantada. Mucho gusto: es un saludo neutro, sin género (hombre y mujer) Encantado: debe decirlo un hombre (género masculino) Encantada: debe decirlo una mujer (género femenino). Difference between e and y. 309 likes. Mucho Gusto. "Mucho gusto" is more formal than "encantado de conocerte". Oct 28, 2008 · Encantado de conocerle / Mucho gusto. Mucho gusto=Encantado/Encantada ambos son los mismo pues es una manera formal de decir que conocer a esa persona es agradable para ti. " Now, encantada is a conjugated form of the root word. Thread starter angelseyes2407; Start date Oct estoy encantado de conocerle-lo/tengo mucho gusto en conocerle-lo I wouldn't say one of them is more formal. However, if you meet a person you're already acquainted with, but you need to keep the formality, encantado might be better. Encantado/Encantada Vs. Start studying Spanish 1 - Formal vs. hB2 | oeZ | onR | BTz | lrA | TCL | 65U | jKb | Pew | REp | lab | MBL | rG4 | bh6 | nYg | OeV | 0jy | WSR | CDB | eJB | 9IL | 1I6 | SXa | SBg | Vfc | hNe | bKN | CtY . 26 Comments. 女性说encantada ,男性说encantado ,因为这是个形容词!"encantada" is a Spanish word meaning enjoy. 3. 10 Comments. Also, you can just say "encantado/encantada May 22, 2014 · Dices en la presentación: Mucho gusto. I would consider them as interchangeable. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Encantada Mucho Gusto. Falta de respeto en Inmersión. 36 Comments. 男女说 mucho gusto 因为gusto是名词哦,形容词才会有性数变化,男性 女性的变化哦! 2. When speaking to someone with whom you have a close relationship, such asa family member, friend, orsomeone your age or younger,you will use the informal form. informal 1. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. In Spanish there are two forms in which you speak to people: or Informal Formal 2. Vivir de lo que amo hacer Cocinar con amor Mejorando día a día La Plata-Buenos Aires Pedidos y consultas porJan 06, 2013 · Formal vs. Hola! Mucho Gusto, Duolingo! 3 Comments

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